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Melba Spier

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05/05/10 02:26 PM #1    

Barbara Thomas (Wood)

Melba and I were friends from grade school through high school.  We use to go skating every Friday night and spend the night at each others houses.  Later when we were older, we dragged Broadway or sat in Hardees.  Melba introduced me to my husband and was the maid of honor in my wedding.

The last time I saw her was after the birth of her first son.  We drifted apart after that, but I thought of her often and so sorry to see she is no longer with us.  She will be missed.

Barbara Thomas Wood

06/09/10 05:02 PM #2    

Karl (Dusty) Atkins

I, like Barbra went all through school with Melba and remember her fondly. You always have a special bond with classmates, especially those whom you were with all the way through your school years. These are your most important formative years and transform you for your future, so these classmates are always a part of you. Melba, have a wonderful after life cradled in the Lord's arms. We'll all see you soon enough.

06/23/10 04:07 PM #3    

Carol Sawyer (Jameson)

This is from Carol (Sawyer) Jameson

I have been meaning to do this for a long time but found it to be harder that I had anticipated.  Melba was my best friend all throughout our lives.  Sure, there were a few years we kind of lost contact which was around 1993 - 1996.  She decided to leave Tyler and just travel and see where she might like to live.  She was such a free spirit.  She could just take off, but I was more practical and had also met someone that I ended up marrying.  But we as friends went through all the phases of our lives from being silly teenagers, to young mothers.  Then we both got divorced in the mid 80's and that is when we had a lot of fun being single and partying.  We finally had to slow down (couldn't keep up with the big dogs).  She always told me that when I met my present husband that I wasn't fun anymore.  But we just went down different paths.  But that didn't stop us from being in contact and connected.  In 1996 she moved back to Texas and moved in with me.  I was working in downtown Dallas and living in Garland at the time.  I moved back to Tyler in 1998 and Melba soon followed about 2 years after that.  We would talk on the phone at least weekly, sometimes we would miss a week but not for long.  I had talked to her just a few days prior to her death and she sounded like her old self.  Her passing was a shock to all of her friends, 2 grown sons, ex-husband, Mother and me.  I received a call at 2am on 7/22/2008 from both Paul and Stephen (her sons) saying "we've lost Melba".  I said "what do you mean you've lost her?"  They told me she was gone and had passed away.  I just broke down and was in total disbelief.  Her boys always called me Aunt Carol.  Those boys stepped up to the plate and planned their Mother's funeral.  She was cremated and they arranged a Memorial Service at a friend of their's home and it was very special.  There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of my precious friend Melba and miss her like crazy.  I can't pick up the phone and call her anymore, but I still talk to her because I know she's listening and I know that she is with our Lord and Savior.  Bless you Melba, your friendship will always be something I will cherish in my heart forever.  When I get up there with you I am going to tell you how mad I am that you left me here to spend my golden years without you.  We were always going to move to Key West........remember??  You were going to play the piano in a Piano Bar and I was going to sketch portraits on a special corner.  We were going to have a simple, stress free life.  We were going to wear soft, flowing long skirts and silk tops with big floppy hats.  We were going to be real cool.  Well I won't be doing that now because without you it just wouldn't be right.  I love you and miss you.  Sweet dreams my precious child of God.  Your friend, Carol

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