In Memory

Sue Ahn

died 6-22-2003 in online article about distinguished doctors

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08/16/09 10:39 PM #1    

Susan Smith (Daniel)

During our high school years, Sue was my closest girlfriend. I first met her when we were twelve years old at Lakeview Methodist Assembly (Methodist Church Camp). As early as twelve, she was an accomplished pianist and played the hymns for the camp group each evening.


Starting our 10th grade year, Sue came to Tyler Schools even though she lived with her family at Winona at the East Texas Chest Hospital. She spent the night at my house on many Friday or Saturday nights to save driving late at night all the way back to her house. I convinced Sue to be my debate partner beginning our junior year and that was the beginning of many fun times--going to weekend debate tournaments with our other classmates. We were a successful team and learned how to see both sides of an issue.


During our college years, we continued to have good times together. Sue went to UT in Austin and I went to Southwestern University in Georgetown. Since we were just 30 minutes apart, we continued to get together often--and were roommates at UT's German house the summer after our Freshman year in college. So--we went from being high school girls to more sophisticated college girls together. She was studying diligently to get into medical school--and of course she was successful.


Sue had a neurology practice in Dallas after finishing at Southwestern Medical School. She married Dr. Steve Hays and had two wonderful children--Foster and Kimberly. Sue was involved in many worthy causes in Dallas. She loved politics and womens' issues and contributed her engaging personality, her time and her treasure to both.


Tragically, Sue was diagnosed with nonsmoker's lung cancer right after her 50th birthday. Fortunately for me, I lived very close to her house in Dallas and was able to spend a lot of time with her during the last year of her life. We had the opportunity to talk about many things during that last year--we talked about life, about love, about the things that were really important in life. I will never forget Sue. I sometimes find myself thinking about the things she would have done if she had lived longer and then I realize that she lived a very full life. I am thankful to have known her.

12/04/09 11:01 PM #2    

Carol Sawyer (Jameson)

What an absolutely respectful and loving comment of what was one of your true friends. She was lucky to have you. I read your comments and was very moved by the true devotion of friendship, which is enduring and always faithful. She was very lucky to have such a great friend as you.
Carol (Sawyer) Jameson

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