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Glenda Jackson

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05/14/10 10:20 AM #1    

Susan Smith (Daniel)

 I first met Glenda in the seventh grade at Hogg Jr. High School.  She sat across the aisle from me in English class.  She had perfect handwriting!  She had eyes that were beautiful and always smiling.  Best of all, she was always so much fun to be around. 

Over the years, I came to really appreciate Glenda's ability to see humor in adversity.  During our college years, she wrote me a letter recounting a car accident she had while driving to the University of Texas in Austin.  As a result of the accident, Glenda's personal possessions were strewn all over the highway.  She had the ability to make the accident sound like a funny adventure.  I've not known many people who could do that.  

I had the privilege of observing Glenda's long romance with her husband Steuart.  What a special couple they were--always doing something memorable and meaningful for each other.  I found myself wanting a romance like they one they had.  

Glenda was the kind of person who was able to clear her mind of the things that don't matter and concentrate on the things that do.  She centered her life on her family and they loved her dearly.  

She maintained her sunny attitude.  Glenda entertained us with funny stories even when she was very ill.  

Losing Glenda is a huge loss for many reasons, but I will miss her most as a role model for how to live life.  There are not many days when I don't think of her.  

04/09/12 02:48 PM #2    

Bruce Powell

My grandmother taught piano and expression in our home, and Glenda was one of her best students for several years.  Always enjoyed listening to her playing the piano when she was there, as she was really pretty talented, although I don't think driven in that direction.  She was very polite and attentive to my dear grandmother, unlike some students she had who could be rather rude or inconsiderate.

Last time I saw Glenda was in my senior year at the University of Texas in the PMA building, a structure that was quite large and I was not familiar with.  She helped me to find my class which had been moved in there for some reason.  We had a nice chat for a few minutes about Lee, Tyler, and life in general, before going on to respective classes.

Very sorry that she became ill and departed this life too soon.  You don't often see people as positive and upbeat as she seemed to be at any time I encountered her.  Anyway,  I'm glad that I knew her.

06/26/12 06:36 PM #3    

Sharon Burnop (Gilchrist)

Glenda and I went from grade school, middle and then high school together. I had no idea about her passing until my youngest daughter and I went to England with a group of English students from UT @ Tyler. One of those students was a young man by the name of Travis. He looked so much like someone I knew in grade, middle and high school, it was uncanny. After we belted some away at an English pub and played Uno, Travis said something and the light bulb came on. I asked him who his parents were and sure enough - Glenda and Stuart - names appeared. My mouth fell to the floor. Travis then told me about his mom. I was so heart stricken, no words would come. I then got a chance to meet the rest of the family. What a great bunch of people. Of course, Stuart and I go way back too to grade, middle and high school. Glenda was taken too soon but God has a plan.

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